Give your career a bright start

Whether you are new at the VELUX Group or developing your present career we make sure you always move in the right direction: forward. 

Development in the VELUX Group
A company is only as strong as its employees and we take that very seriously. We are proud of our learning culture where knowledge is shared and responsibility is given to those who can and will. No matter what your role is in the VELUX Group, we believe that when you grow, the VELUX Group grows. It is as simple as that.  
How we do it 
People Development ranges from agreeing on learning activities at the Annual Dialogue, through development on the job or specific training to follow up in the Performance and Development process over the year. You and your manager share the responsibility of driving your development and ensuring that the planned learning activities meet business requirements and are aligned with your aspirations. Every single touchpoint and one on one meeting between manager and employee represents an opportunity to discuss and adjust development activities. This is how we ensure that your development is in sync with the future of the VELUX Group. 
Global Talent & Development aspiration

  • We ensure that people have the right mindset, competencies and behaviours to drive growth and performance of the business. 
  • We create synergies between VELUX strategy, business expectations and values. 
  • We contribute to a culture where people feel proud, valued and empowered to continuously develop their potential in VELUX.

Bright colleagues

The people behind the people