Equality isn’t a goal. It’s a necessity

Everyone deserves the chance to make a difference; to get the opportunity to apply their skills and intelligence to the important challenges posed by the natural and technical sciences. However, not everyone gets that opportunity.

In the natural sciences, women are significantly underrepresented. If society is to benefit from the research contributions of talented women, the gender balance must be redressed. To increase the number of talented women represented in the technical and natural sciences, VILLUM FONDEN has funded an International Postdoc Programme targeting outstanding female researchers. The programme promotes diversity - boldly driving real progress so more exceptional women will pursue a university career - something that resonates with the VELUX Group, where diversity and gender equality are high on the agenda.

The programme covers a wide range of areas ranging from the development of interactive learning support for the acquisition of programming skills to projects related to climate and sustainability. For example, shoreline erosion, groundwater, energy systems and the construction industry. You can learn more about the Villum International Postdoc Programme on THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS website

There are six female researchers who have received grants from the programme, located at various academic institutions. At Aalborg University, Freja Nygaard Rasmussen, PhD, is passionate about creating a future where sustainable buildings are the norm – and where gender makes no difference to one’s potential to reach that goal. Freja is a woman dedicated to developing new environmental life-cycle assessments for the construction industry. By devising innovative methods for assessing the environmental impact of different buildings, tomorrow’s cities have the potential to become both healthy and sustainable. The world needs the best minds to work together to make positive change happen. It is VILLUM FONDEN’s aim to accelerate this change. 

The VELUX Group is part of VKR Holding, a limited company wholly owned by VILLUM FONDEN and the Kann Rasmussen family. Though the foundations operate independently, this unique form of ownership plays an important role for the VELUX Group as it ensures sustainable long-term thinking and enables us to make a positive contribution to the communities we serve.