1970: Photo from the  production at Gelsted, Denmark
1973: Production of insulating window panes at the VELTERM factory
VELUX history timeline 1775
1979: Lars Kann-Rasmussen and his father  KR (the founder of the VELUX Group)
The VELUX Group had profited greatly from the building boom in Europe and in the USA in the years after World War II. But all that changed in 1973 when oil prices rocketed following conflict in the Middle East. This had an enormous impact on the building industry in the VELUX Group’s markets – especially in West Germany where roof window sales fell by more than 24%.

The management team responded quickly to these challenging market conditions by restructuring the organisation and increasing focus on good service, reliable products and innovation. This proved to be the winning formula through the crisis for the VELUX Group.
New markets were added, and sales companies and production facilities were established in Great Britain, France, the USA and Canada. The expansion continued throughout the 1980s, this time mainly in Central and Eastern Europe.

These turbulent years also saw the product portfolio expand from a single product type to a full range of products, including top-hung roof windows for lower roof pitches, roller shutters, electric-powered windows and an extensive range of accessories and sunscreening products.​​