2005: VELUX Daylight Symposium brings together  some of the world’s leading daylight experts
2006: The VELUX Group sponsors one of the world’s oldest. toughest and  most prestigious solo, round-the-world yacht races - VELUX 5 Oceans
2005: SOLTAG demo house - with CO2-neutral  heating and optimum living conditions
2004: The International VELUX Award is awarded every second  year and celebrates the achievements of students in architecture
Just as the world changed, the VELUX Group transformed too. Now an international organisation of 10,000 people in more than 35 countries, the company geared itself to meet the new global agenda of green energy and sustainability in everyday living.

The VELUX Group introduces three new products - the electrical window INTEGRA (2002), io-homecontrol® (2005), and the VELUX Sun Tunnel (2005).

While local initiative remains one of the VELUX Group’s core values, globalisation and increased competition called for more transnational cooperation amongst our divisions and staff.

Moreover, market expansion created a need for an increase in production capacity and the launch of new products.

In 2000, the V21 product range was introduced, bringing improvements in installation, design and functionality.
In 2005, the VELUX Group’s new vision was launched: “To lead the development of better living environments with daylight and fresh air through the roof”. This is still at the heart of what we do, linking natural resources with human needs. Natural daylight and ventilation are fundamental to the quality of people's lives and living environments.

Setting the agenda for better living environments is not something we do alone. For instance, we invite design and architecture students to participate in our VELUX awards, and we bring together some of the world’s leading daylight experts at the Daylight Symposium. Since 2015, we have also held an annual Healthy Buildings Day, where industry experts, professional house builders, policy makers and housing association representatives come together to discuss solutions to make our buildings more healthy and sustainable. We share a passion for daylight, fresh air and better living environments. That’s what started our company more than 70 years ago – and it still drives us forward.

During this period of time, the VELUX Group developed a large number of TV commercials, associating our products with daylight and fresh air. In collaboration with an animation company, a series of emotional TV commercials called Toys was produced in 2003. In the Portraits series from 2005, we also used commercials to communicate our product functionalities and how easy it is to install blinds yourself.