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Old attic with little natural light

"Our daughter was really the one who got the ball rolling," says homeowner Markus Brun. When they knew they'd be replacing the whole roof, the client decided to let more light in and convert the attic into a living space.  

Construction of two Panorama special solutions

Together with a specialist planner on site, two VELUX Panorama solutions were installed opposite one another, transforming the original attic of their family house into a modern, light-filled living space.

Main benefits of getting VELUX roof windows

  1. More daylight: The Panorama windows let in plenty of natural light, meaning that no electric light sources are needed until late in the evening.

  2. More space: "The Panorama solution is also called "More Space" because that's precisely what it creates: room where previously there wasn't any," said architect Stefan Flury.

  3. Energy Conscious: "It's really the ideal solution for us. Thanks to the abundance of daylight we've gained, we've also been saving on electricity since we just don't need all that much electric light now."
case study

Stefan Flury

Flury innen & aussen AG

The construction work was really quite special for us. I suppose we all felt a sort of unique joy about this unusual solution.

case study
It just absolutely wows you!

"It just absolutely wows you!  My heart actually skipped a beat when I went up there for the first time to see the end result. Satisfied just isn't the word for how we feel about the result. The built-in dormer solution is just such a huge plus for us," says Markus Brun, homeowner.

"It's perfect!"
- Markus Brun, homeowner
case study
The VELUX ACTIVE smartphone control is ingenious!

The clients love the control they have over indoor air quality and room temperature with VELUX ACTIVE. VELUX ACTIVE constantly measures room temperature, humidity and CO2 content and, if necessary, automatically opens the windows to let in fresh air.