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Attic for the family

Bärbel Stolz and her husband Sebastian were looking for a larger apartment for their family of four. When they had the chance to buy the undeveloped attic of a late 19th century block of flats in one of the side streets of the Helmholtzplatz, there was no hesitation on their part.

Lots of light and space

Bärbel and Sebastian wanted to fill the attic with lots of space and light. VELUX slanted and flat roof windows were up to the task. 

Main benefits of getting VELUX roof windows

  1. Light in every last corners: All rooms in the side wing and rear building have large VELUX lighting solutions or roof windows. 

  2. Very good insulation: The excellent thermal insulation of the roof and roof windows not only reduces heat loss in winter, but also prevents the penthouse from becoming too warm in summer. 

  3. Ventilation that saves space: However, the architect Schröger was reluctant to use a central mechanical ventilation system, as is now standard in many new buildings: "Installing that kind of system would have taken up valuable living space and is also quite maintenance-intensive", he explains. Together with the Stolz family, he decided to use decentralised ventilation with window fans. VELUX Balanced Ventilation - an uncomplicated alternative - was the optimal solution.
case study

Marcus Schröger

Urbansky Architekten

Hallways are often forgotten spaces in flats that are rather dark, but with daylight flooding in through the flat roof windows, the long hallway became an additional room.

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Floor plan

case study
The hallway was transformed into more living space

The hallway is large and bright enough for the painting and crafting table used by both children. A popular meeting place is the old, cosy bed in the hall directly under the largest roof window. We cuddle with the children here, they play together and we read them stories. Thanks to the electric motor, this flat roof window can be conveniently opened by remote control.