case study
Emphasising the relationship between the inside and outside

In this home, the strong relationship between the inside and outside, which brings with it continuous variations in light, has been enhanced by the addition of large vertical windows combined with with skylights. The result is an optimum distribution of light across all areas.

The light from overhead blends with light from the vertical windows, bringing dynamism to the interiors

 Light from above allows for a closer connection with the external environment and improves the perception of the flow of time and the passing seasons.

Main benefits of getting VELUX roof windows

  1. Contact with the outside: on the upper floor, even in the centre of the home, there is a sense of the external environment, thanks to the centrally positioned overhead window.

  2. Light that penetrates: the flat roof window in the centre of the home illuminates the staircase and allows light to reach the ground floor.

  3. A dynamic space: the interiors change with the light, at different times of the day and with the different seasons.
Picture of a man with a virtaul reality glasses

Marco Baldassa,


In this project, natural light is a crucial element: it creates a relationship between the living spaces and daily life on the one hand and the setting, the seasons and the variations in light on the other hand, creating dynamism and continuous change. The project’s main features are the external windows and – also important – the sources of light on the ceiling and wall.

case study
This home improves your mood with its light, from dawn until twilight

"For me, light is extremely important from the moment I get up in the morning: I decided to build a house with vertical and roof windows specifically in order to experience light to the fullest. We wanted wood to play the leading role, together with light: the wood gives us heat while the light makes us happy", Franco Marcolongo and Marina Toninato, homeowners.

"The light makes us happy"
- Franco Marcolongo and Marina Toninato, homeowners
case study
The light is an element of dialogue with the external environment

A two-storey detached house with a basement, large windows on the ground floor and overhead roof lights on the first floor, allowing light the reach deep into the living areas. The light in this project is an element of dialogue with the exterior and, as it changes, it affects how it feels to be indoors.