case study
Brings light from above and allows light deep within

A two-level apartment in an old building in Ragusa’s historic town centre. As was typical of the old houses in the town, windows were small and internal spaces badly lit. In the double-height central area, a roof window was opened up that brings light from above and allows light deep within.

Roof windows are the perfect solution

The floor area is not always the only key factor in the appeal of a home. Light represents added value that creates volume and dynamic space. In this building, the introduction of overhead light to the double-height space has brought life to the home and made the interiors feel larger.

Main benefits of getting VELUX roof windows

  1. A dynamic space: overhead light in the double-height space creates harmony between the two levels and brings movement as the light changes.

  2. A feeling of spaciousness: the new distribution of the window openings has helped to make the spaces feel larger and more accessible.

  3. Light that penetrates: the overhead light penetrates right down to the lower level, which was previously poorly lit. 
Picture of a man with a virtaul reality glasses

Antonio Giummarra

Studio di Architecttura Antonio Giummarra

This home is characterised by a good distribution of the spaces and sense of luminosity, despite the fact that, initially, light levels were hampered by the presence of very small openings. The double-height central area with overhead light that reaches deep into the space has become the heart of the home. The apartment is now enhanced by the volume and dynamism of the space, thanks to the light effects.

case study
With light from above, the double-height space has become the centrepiece of the home

"What I look for in a house is tranquillity: when I come home, I like to find a peaceful and bright environment. I wanted a property that had a history, and this was my maternal grandparents’ home: an ancient yet dark heirloom. After the roof was opened up, I discovered a window of light and was genuinely surprised", Giovanni Sozzi, homeowner.

"The overhead light changes continuously over the course of the day and with the seasons"
- Giovanni Sozzi, homeowner
case study
The overhead window above an area for transit like the staircase has brought continuity to the two levels

The installation of the window above the double-height space has made the two floors more harmonious, illuminating them and directing the viewer’s gaze and movement.