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Bringing light to the heart of the apartment

In the spaces created in the central section of the apartment, which were underutilised as they were designed only for circulation, the regulations stating that windows should cover an area one-eighth of the floor space were circumvented by the addition of large overhead windows.

The centrality of the kitchen has been emphasised by placing a roof light above the worktop

Right from the outset, the clients saw the kitchen as being very important, placed as it was at the centre of their home. While, from a design perspective, this was a highly advantageous location, it did involve some loss of light.

Main benefits of getting VELUX roof windows

  1. Bringing light into the heart of the home: with the overhead windows, even spaces deep within the house could be lit, in places where it was impossible to insert windows in the walls.

  2. Light and ventilation where they are needed: the roof window, inserted above the worktops, enables the kitchen to be used without switching on a light and allows air to flow in and out as necessary. 

  3. Better distribution of light: the overhead windows, combined with those in the wall, have allowed for a better distribution of light, even in the rooms furthest from the outside. 
Picture of a man with a virtaul reality glasses

Cinzia Bellavia,


Through three openings in the ceiling, the kitchen area was given the prominence requested by the client: the light from above now gives the kitchen island the almost holy look of an altar, accentuated by the arrival of the sunlight right at lunchtime, when the sun is at its highest.

case study

Project plan

case study
The light changes and enhances the space

The central hallway has been transformed from a dark passageway into a funnel-shaped courtyard that constricts the space and opens it up to daylight. In the small bathroom, the window creates a cascade of light over the bath, offering a regenerative experience for mind and body.