Case Study
A dark and uninhabitable loft

In this duplex apartment, the loft space was not habitable: it was dark, with no windows at all, and only the two doors that led to the balconies. A decision was therefore made to add large roof windows to make the loft bright and liveable.

Light allowed for three new rooms to be created in the loft

The roof windows have made the loft area habitable, adding light and ventilation, but also adding overhead space thanks to the fact they were installed flush with the roof. Moreover, in addition to the bedroom and common room, they have enabled a guest area to be created in what was previously a completely dark space.

Main benefits of getting VELUX roof windows

  1. More space: The attic was not habitable: it was dark, without any windows at all. Now, thanks to the light, there are three extra rooms.

  2. Children’s wellness: The children’s bedroom is the room that has the largest number of windows: the little ones therefore get the chance to play and study in a bright and comfortable space, where it is easier to concentrate.

  3. Control of light and heat: Thanks to the blinds and roller shutters, light levels can be quickly adjusted at different times of the day and the summer heat kept out of the room. 
Picture of a man with a virtaul reality glasses

Claudia Biondi

Biondi Architetti

To begin with, the roof space had no windows at all. It was clear from the outset what the two main aspects of the design would involve: light and the external environment, which would both be brought into the house.

Case Study
The light illuminates things differently every day

We are a large family: in a home, we are looking for space and the opportunity to experience it in different ways. Light was required: before the renovation, there were no windows and the spaces were not liveable. We have opened up a good area of the roof, filtering the light with the blinds. The kids are delighted with their new room. Andrea and Olena Moretti, Clients.

"We would have found it impossible to live in a house without light"
- Andrea and Olena Moretti, homeowners
Case Study
Gaining extra height has made previously uninhabitable spaces liveable

In the guest room and the children’s bedroom, we have been able to gain valuable space overhead, by increasing the volumes available within the window frames. In addition, the windows have brought light and ventilation to the whole loft space. Thanks to the blinds and roller shutters, it has also been possible to dim the light and gain protection from the heat.