A partnership connecting the past and the future

How we act in the next 10-20 years will determine the future for all life on earth. The climate is changing rapidly, and nature - that we and all life depend upon - is being lost. 

At the VELUX Group, we believe that all actors in society have a responsibility to do their utmost to counter these devastating trends, not least businesses like our own. With our Sustainability commitment it is our aim to take this responsibility seriously by pioneering climate and nature action.

We have developed a new concept for corporate action called Lifetime Carbon Neutral. With this commitment, we will take responsibility for both our historical CO2 debt and our future CO2 emissions by becoming Lifetime Carbon Neutral by 2041 – at our 100-year anniversary. We will work intensively to reduce our future carbon footprint from our operations and entire value chain, as well as to capture our historical carbon footprint dating back to our foundation in 1941.

Only by combining the past and the future, will we achieve our goal. And only by working with dedicated colleagues, suppliers and partners. One of those partners is the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Based on their global expertise and local presence they will establish new forests and preserve old ones and with that use trees’ unique ability to capture CO2 from the air. It is far from easy, but it is effective and it is good for biodiversity.

Passionate about the VELUX Group’s commitment to become Lifetime Carbon Neutral by 2041, Vice President of External Relations & Sustainability, Ingrid Reumert has been one of the driving forces behind the sustainability commitment and the 20-year partnership with WWF. And it is because of colleagues like her that the VELUX Group can play a role in building a more sustainable future. It’s our nature.


Our WWF partnership is part of ‘It’s our nature’, the VELUX Group’s ambitious 2030 sustainability strategy. The strategy entails a 10-year transformational journey with 15 ambitious targets in which the VELUX Group pioneer climate and nature action, innovate sustainable products and secure a responsible business. By 2030, the Group VELUX will become a 100% carbon neutral company and reduce CO2 from the value chain by 50%. As a global leader, the VELUX Group pushes new boundaries and solutions to the market that make a measurable difference for people’s health and well-being, showing the way towards a more sustainable future.

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