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VELUX Energy and Indoor Climate Visualizer

Use the Visualizer to evaluate the performance of single-family houses with respect to energy, ventilation and indoor climate.

Download EIC Visualizer:

New version 3.0 - with state of the art results

A new simulation engine has been implemented making it possible to perform detailed analysis of the thermal comfort taking into account direct solar radiation. Also, airflows can be visualised to analyse the flow patterns of the building.


It is intuitive to use and can be used by anyone with moderate to basic knowledge of building technology. It is based on a recognised and validated simulation engine to provide accurate and reliable results. 

VELUX Energy and Indoor Climate Visualizer focuses on windows and solar shading and their effects on the indoor climate and on the energy consumption for heating, ventilation, cooling and electrical lighting. It works with specific orientation and location of the building, custom constructions and can be used for new-built projects as well as renovation of existing houses. Results are summarized in a printable report containing key performance figures. Hereby, it will be simple and fast to compare results between identical building geometries and different choices of windows, panes and solar shading.

VELUX provide building simulation tools to facilitate the design and construction of sustainable buildings

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