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Urban infill development

Finding a condominium or a new construction project with a customisable floor plan in Berlin is next to impossible. Why not just buy an unused attic and expand it, the Schneider family thought. In just eight months, they turned their dream of designing their own apartment into a reality. In doing so, the family took a route which is becoming more and more popular: Urban infill development.


VELUX Products

8 Mos.


Conversion with style

The roof surface facing the street couldn't be drastically altered; for this reason, the terraces and dormers of the two apartments had to be built on the north side of the building that faces the courtyard.  But the Schneiders made a virtue of necessity and instead decided to combine several VELUX roof windows for the rooms on the south side. In doing so, they not only complied with all regulations, but the windows also form the basis for an energy concept designed by the Schneiders themselves for their attractive maisonette. 

Main benefits of getting VELUX roof windows

  1. Heating support: "We can mostly leave the heating off in the autumn, at the same time when acquaintances have already had the heating on for several weeks", says Marko Schneider about the effective use of solar energy

  2. Simple ventilation: In addition, the fact that the VELUX windows are fitted with the Balanced Ventilation window ventilator ensures sufficient air exchange according to DIN 1946-6, meaning that no additional controlled ventilation is required. "This also allows us to save a lot of energy that would otherwise be needed," says the homeowner.

  3.  More daylight: Sherina and Marko's children are thrilled with the large windows in their rooms. "The little one often lies on the rug under her window to play or to look up at the sky and discover her latest favourite animals in the cloud formations," says her mother.
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"We can mostly leave the heating off in the autumn, at the same time when acquaintances have already had the heating on for several weeks."
- Marko Schneider, homeowner

Floor plan

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Family life under the roof

"We feel very much at home here - in both the apartment and the neighbourhood", says Sherina Schneider. The light-filled living room has become the family's favourite gathering place. "In the summer, we can leave the lights off until late in the evening because the roof windows fill the room with so much daylight." 

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