case study
A project for more space and daylight

The owners’ plan was to renovate the entire house and create rooms in the attic. The double purpose of this project was to increase the house’s living space and improve its energy efficiency, coupled with a strong demand for daylight. They also marked a great attention for the entry of daylight.

Quality and reliability

"We chose VELUX products because they have an exceptionally wide range which enabled us to find a solution that exceeded our expectations in terms of daylight.  Moreover, the VELUX brand represents guaranteed quality and reliability for roof renovations", says Jean-Christophe, homeowner.

Main benefits of getting VELUX roof windows

  1. Daylight and comfort: "A new room flooded with light and with a view of the garden thanks to VELUX skylights. The roof windows provide daylight and comfort", says Jean-Christophe, homeowner.
case study

Sarl Leveque

Leveque Entreprise

The challenge was to bring natural daylight into a room where there were no previous openings. The owners wanted a comfortable room because they planned to install an office there as well as having room to work out. It was obvious we would have to add a window. It’s always nicer to be able to look outside instead of just at a wall.

case study
A new room

"I was very pleased and surprised; the results were even better than I had imagined. A new room flooded with light and with a view of the garden thanks to VELUX skylights", says Jean-Christophe, homeowner. 

"I was very pleased and surprised"
- Jean-Christophe, homeowner
Case Study France
Wanted a bright, spacious room

"We started off with a windowless attic space. The client wanted a bright, spacious room where he could install exercise equipment and an office area. The VELUX products brought in plenty of daylight and, especially, enabled us to create more floor space. You have a nice view outside, even when you are sitting on the floor.", Sarl Leveque, Leveque Entreprise.