case study
Achieving optimal views and luminosity

In this flat-roofed loft space, large windows were opened up in the vertical walls in order to better exploit the sea views and open up the sight lines. The flat roof strip windows increase the multi-directionality of the light and the balance of the field of vision.

Overhead and vertical windows in the same space improve light distribution

The coexistence of overhead and vertical windows in the same space enables the occupants to notice variations in light over the course of the day.  The flat roof windows were placed some distance away from the vertical ones, to add multi-directionality and balance to the field of vision, bringing brightness to the wall and highlighting the movement of the light.

Main benefits of getting VELUX roof windows

  1. Deeply lit spaces: overhead light is not affected by the orientation of the home and allows spaces to be illuminated deeply throughout the day.

  2. A more dynamic environment: the light in this space is constantly changing so that the home seems to change and to move without moving. 

  3. Contact with the outside: the panoramic view and the strong sense of variations in light over the course of the day and with different seasons and weather conditions create a sense of harmony with the outside world.  
Picture of a man with a virtaul reality glasses

Maria Eliana Madonia,


In an extremely bright space, it might seem unnecessary to introduce further light. But by letting light in from both vertical windows and the roof, the changes in light can be traced 360 degrees. The result is a home that seems to move without moving, one that is constantly being transformed.

case study
The roof windows let in a new type of light

"Above all, I was looking for luminosity and views of the sea, the mountains and the city of Palermo. As soon as we entered, my wife and I said: this is the house for us. In order to gain as much light as possible, we created large windows and added windows to the roof so as to let in a different type of light. Over the course of the day, the light changes, bringing serenity, tranquillity and depth", Gabriele Marretta, homeowner.

"The game of light from the roof windows is very special"
- Gabriele, homeowner
case study
The combination of vertical and roof windows has allowed in a multi-directional form of light

Thanks to the roof windows, overhead light has been brought into the space. The multi-directional quality of the light makes the rooms appear to constantly change over the course of the day. The house moves together with the light within it.